iPhase app

iPhase is a generative music application made by Mikael Holmqvist.

Create amazing beats and melodies with the swipe of your fingers and watch it bounce back and forth on the iPhase grid. Choose from 6 different instruments, 5 different drum kits and 14 different musical scales.

Use loudspeakers or headphones for best possible sound quality!

Watch a DEMO video of me playing around with iPhase on youtube:


-Swipe in any direction to create a tone. Tones are higher towards the top and right side of the grid. The tones will move on the grid in the swipe direction and continue bouncing between the edges of the grid and the start position of the tone. Every grid edge have its own instrument and you can change the setup whenever you want using the instrument buttons.

-The tones are arranged in musical scales which makes every swipe sound good. You can change the scales choosing from a total of 14 major and minor musical scales – the possibilities are endless!

-Use the play/pause button to pause your beat. Tones can still be created in pause mode and this can be used to make your beat more precise.

-Use the loop mode toggle button to switch loop mode on and off. This can be used to first create a cool beat in loop mode and then switch it off to start playing some melody to your beat.

-Shake your device to create a random beat. Good when you run out of ideas and want some inspiration from chance.


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